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Deutsche Version: Genesis

Genesis derives from Greek  and means creation, development or birth.

I’d like to tell you a bit more detailed (as our „About“) how our project started and how it works; even though we live in opposite ends of Germany.

At the end of 2008 I signed into a Fantasy forum, to exchange with people who have a similar interest as I do.
In January 2009 I’ve met PoiSonPaiNter. We got along well from the get go, so I wheedled her into joining me in a RPG forum.
We write some funny things with other people, but never something serious. In a RPG forum every „player“ sets up a character description for „his“ characters. Everyone is only allowed to play their own characters. The writing is done in a set order. Just a written roleplay.

Back in June 2009, two of those we were writing alongside happened to develop a private life ( ;) ).
And thus it was that Poison and I were exposed to unutterable boredom. Both of us had just finished our A-Levels and should start studying in October.
On an early summer evening we therefore decided to open a RPG and tell the others that this was just for us. We started in a medieval setting, but somehow it ended up as Fantasy. But in the beginning we also had planned to just kill time at the weekends with this RPG.

Soon I couldn’t be without my beloved character Coelestin, so that we started to write throughout the week as well. We wrote until 2 o’clock in the night and started again at 10 the next morning. Oddly we still had a „real life“. In this, we decided, it was time to meet each other. So in August Poison visited me in the contemplative Eifel. Of course we worked more on Warlords. We were after all at a point, where just-writing-without-much-thinking wouldn’t work any more. Since then the epilogue is certain.

Our respective studies leaded to us not having that much time any more. Every now and than did we write more. We elaborated the story further, collected ideas and edited the written work…edited it a lot. You wouldn’t believe how often we had asked ourselves in what kind of mental derangement some of the passages were composed. That’s probably what you for sitting in front of laptop all day…

Well, thanks to the Internet and common interests like Metalfestivals, we haven’t given up yet. We just can’t leave this story unresolved. Our characters deserve it that their story gets an ending. And this is planed completely by now.
Technically we just have to sit down and write everything down, but it is not that easy with art. And literature is a form of art, if others thing a like doesn’t matter at this point. When the muse isn’t kissing you, nothing reasonable will come from it. ;)

We really hope that we can finish Warlords in the near future. We both dream to be able to hold our work as book in our hand and give our beloved characters a worthy ending, whatever it may be. ;)
Of course we also hope, that you, our future readers, learn to love our characters just as we do.